Our platform can be used only by group of people which belong to the same community and which frequently commute between predetermined places. A community can be made of your coworkers, the people you go to the sports club with, etc.

Once that the community representative sends us your personal information, you will be able to download the app from your favorite store.

1. Download UP2GO from your store and register using your code.

2. If your community already exists on the UP2GO platform you’ll be able to register with your personal information. Fill out the form and confirm you read the general conditions. Now you can organise your commute trips with other members of your community.

3. If your community does not adopt UP2GO yet, you will receive a pop-up notification as you enter your code. You can contact us to info@up2go.it to tell us about your interest. We will contact your company to inform them about your request.

UP2GO is reserved for members of registered communities, not for private users. If your code does not work, do as follows:

1. Verify you entered your code correctly. If the error keeps popping up,

2. Contact your community’s representatives to verify whether your contact has been activated. If the contact is correctly activated,

3. Please, send us a mail to info@up2go.it

A company buys an annual license and members of that community can use the app freely.

Thanks to Google Maps UP2GO offers you most suitable way to get to your destination. Users can customise their itinerary by adding a leg to it as many times as necessary.

Saved itineraries can be reused multiple times.

“Itinerary” means the predetermined path to a user’s destination.

Based on predetermined itineraries users organise their “journeys” at their preferred day and time

Users can see their own journey list from the menu.

On the UP2GO app users can organise trips on the spot or schedule them in advance. Users can reuse the same trip for the entire working week.