A company can activate our carpooling service by purchasing the annual license. The service also includes our support to the communication plan both during the adoption and the implementation stage. UP2GO as well as the credits assigning system can be customised based on corporate identity needs.


Users can utilise our service with no extra fees, giving a lift is free of charges. Both drivers and passengers are rewarded with credits based on the number of lifts given/requested. Through credits users can redeem prizes offered by their own company.


Users can register by filling out a simple form. After registration users can download the app on their smartphone e log in with their code and password.


By downloading the app, users take any responsibility for the correct use of the app, declare they are insured in compliance with enforceable law, declare they have a valid driving license and that they use this service on a non-commercial basis.


It can be customised for every company and is safe because external users cannot access a specific community without being part of it

Only authorised users can access the UP2GO community.

UP2GO has an internal chat by which users can talk about the upcoming trip without having to exchange their personal telephone number. 

Users can save frequent trips (e.g. commuting) so that they can be used again in the future. 

Users who travel a longer distance and save more CO2 earn credits and prizes

After every trip users can monitor how much CO2 they saved.

UP2GO can be used for both commute and business trips